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Families Need Fathers welcomes Council of Europe interest in UK Family Law

  • Council of Europe accepts motion that could lead to full investigation of UK Family Law and Courts.

  • Human rights being abused in Britain says John Hemming MP.

The text of the motion is: The Parliamentary Assembly recognises that human rights are part of the Council of Europe's key values. It recognises that systems are needed for the protection of children when they are at risk. The Assembly believes, however, that those who are tasked with protecting children need to be accountable for their actions and need to operate in a way which protects the human rights of those people they are dealing with

The Assembly notes that there is substantial concern that the secrecy of the Family Division of Courts in England and Wales has caused the development of an environment in which practitioners are not properly accountable. It notes that a number of people have emigrated from England because they feel persecuted by the authorities tasked with Child Protection.

The Assembly particularly notes the use of Section 54.4 of the 1999 Access to Justice Act by the Court of Appeal in England which is preventing cases being considered by the Supreme Court in England and the way in which this acts to undermine the rule of law allowing the Family Division of Courts to operate in isolation from the wider body of law.

The Assembly recognises that questions have been raised as to whether the judicial proceedings in England s Family Courts are compliant with Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights (the Right to a Fair Trial).

Jon Davies CEO of Families Need Fathers called this A very interesting development and one that might at last make the British Government act before it is forced to.

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